Luxury Tented Resort
Unique and memorable experience
Thai Southern-style interior decor

The Phana Luxury Tented Resort provides a distinctive glamping experience, seamlessly merging Thai Southern-style interior decor with modern glamping opulence amid lush tropical gardens in beautiful Phuket Island, Thalang District.

Immerse yourself in the luxury of our glamping accommodations, where every moment is carefully crafted to offer an extraordinary escape. Relax and unwind in a realm of tranquilityand enchantment with our tented villa and tented lodge, designed to provide a unique and immersive overnight nature experience." 

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Get inspired by the essence of Southern Thailand

Savor the exquisite flavors of our farm-to-fire cuisine at our restaurant & bar. Delight in a selection of grilled dishes, including fresh seafood and locally grown fruits and vegetables.Pair your favorite meal with artisanal cocktails and a variety of freshly pressed juices.

Engage in interactive experiences at our petting farm, a place where laughter, learning, and the love for animals come together in perfect harmony. Plus, enjoy complimentary access to the crystal lagoon, water park, and endless fun activities at Blue Tree Phuket.


Indulge in the luxury of our glamping accommodations, where every moment is crafted to provide an extraordinary escape.
All tents are designed with your comfort and convenience in mind, featuring premium bedding and linen, organic room amenities, high-speed Wi-Fi, air conditioning, and a private outdoor space with comfortably furnished arrangements. Here, guests can relish the picturesque scenery and lush tropical gardens.
We will deliver unique experiences to our guests through exceptionalinterior design and outdoor spaces that embrace nature's beauty.


“The joy and excitement of the petting farm experience”
Welcome to our captivating petting farm in The Phana, where families create treasured memories. Immerse yourself in a meticulously designed experience that brings unbridled joy. Step into a world of wonder, with adorable animals, contagious laughter, and the bliss of nature's embrace.

Organic garden

“The wonders of nature and the joy of sustainable living.”
Welcome to our organic garden, where the beauty of nature meets the principles of environmental sustainability. At The Phana, we are committed to promoting a greener future and offering our guests the opportunity to enjoy fresh, delicious, and healthy organic produce straight from the garden to your dishes. Step into our peaceful space and get into a sensory journey that celebrates the wonders of nature and the joy of sustainable living.

Jungle Walk

"Exploring a lush tropical garden"
Discover the allure of a lush tropical garden, where vibrant colors, fragrant scents, and captivating sounds await. Explore pathways lined with exotic flowers, towering palm trees, and playful tropical plants. Find solace in hidden alcoves, learn about ecological wonders, and embrace the tranquility of nature. Let this enchanting paradise leave an unforgettable imprint on your soul.

Shuttle bus to the beach

Enjoy the convenience of our free shutter bus service to the beach. Sit back, relax, and let us transport you to sandy shores and sparkling waters. Whether you're seeking a day of sun-soaked relaxation or exhilarating beach activities, our reliable shuttle service ensures a stress-free journey.
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Dining & Bar

Savor the exquisite flavors of a farm-to-fire cuisine at our restaurant & bar. Delight in a selection of grilled dishes, featuring fresh seafood and locally grown fruits and vegetables.

Pair your favorite meal with artisanal cocktails and a variety of freshly pressed juices.


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Below is a compilation of reviews sent in by guests in 2022

Farm to Fire is a restaurant that specializes in using locally-sourced ingredients and cooking them over an open flame for an unforgettable taste experience. The menu is inspired by the seasonality of ingredients and showcases the unique flavors that come from cooking over fire.Experience the 'Healthy and Naughty' mantra at our bar in THE PHANA . Unleash your taste buds with our decadent array of crafted cocktails, each generously mixed with the finest spirits and tropical elements

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The Phana Luxury Glamping
4/2 Srisoonthorn Rd., Tambon Si
Sunthon, Amphoe Thalang, 
Phuket 83110
Airport Distance
Blue Tree Lagoon and Lifestyle village
100 m.
Boat Avenue
3 Km.
Bang Tao Beach
3.5 Km.
Surin beach
5.7 Km.
Kamaka Beach
8.8 Km.
Phuket Airport
18 Km.
Phuket Town
20 Km.
Patong Beach
20 Km.